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10 Reasons Why LumiSlim is the ideal product to grow your business

  1. Transform Your Bottom Line Blog If you are looking to add a new revenue stream to your health, fitness or beauty enterprise LumiSlim offers the most comprehensive and cost efficient solution. Benefit from Lumislim’s commercial appeal with pre-paid packages that are guaranteed to deliver Super Effective, Super Poweful and Super Profitable RESULTS.
  2. Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors Lumislim is essential in any holistic healthcare business and sets you apart from your competitors. In a consumer demand driven industry ensuring the very best and latest in your product offering is part of your market survival.
  3. Rapid Return On ROI Due to our competitive pricing recouping your initial outlay is achievable within 8 weeks. Compared to similar devices on the market LumiSlim represents great value. Its affordability means it’s easy to acquire and treatments come with a realistic price tag appealing to customers.
  4. Increase Your Client Base Spot fat reduction is no longer a dream it’s a reality thanks to LumiSlim. The more customers you have the better your chances of making money. By adding LumiSlim this new service will appeal to more potential customers.
  5. Boost Your Offering & Multiply Sales Lumislim is the locomotive that can drive your products and services. Lumislim’s unique technology compliments your product offering and can work in conjunction with multiple health, beauty and cosmetic treatments and services.
  6. Easy To Integrate Into Your BusinessEasy installation and stylish design Lumislim compliments any beauty room or salon. The simple treatments and user friendly console will have your staff fully equipped and prepared to service your influx of clients.
  7. Innovative & Patented TechnologyLumislim is at the forefront of spot fat reduction. It is scientifically and clinically substantiated and made to medical grade standards.
  8. Guaranteed QualityCompared to higher priced, less effective and inferior quality alternatives LumiSlim allows you to offer the ultimate in results and value. With a guaranteed 1 year warranty, no other machine is quite like it in terms of looks, build quality and performance.
  9. Support ServicesYour Lumislim supplier can assist you in a comprehensive service that will include training and the necessary sales/marketing tools required from your launch right through to ongoing promotional operations.
  10. Finance ArrangementsFinance arrangements available subject to approval.

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