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Increase Your Revenue With LumiSlim If you’re a beauty salon owner, you have probably been asking yourself “How do I increase revenue, sales or traffic?  Well, the answer to your prayers is simple with LumiSlim.

LumiSlim has revolutionised the global health and fitness industry. This non invasive low-level laser fat reduction treatment offers every salon, spa and health/beauty practitioner an opportunity to offer state of the art technology with no harmful side effects.

New to the Australian and New Zealand market be one of the first to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity by offering LumiSlim in you beauty salon – An Innovative Treatment for reducing Fat and Reshaping the Body.

LumiSlim is the ideal product to grow your business with a rapid ROI within 8 weeks and in some cases one day!  Due to our competitive pricing recouping your initial outlay is easily achievable and compared to similar devices on the market LumiSlim represents great value. Its affordability means it’s easy to acquire and treatments come with a realistic price tag appealing to customers – which is how one salon owner recouped her total investment in one day! How? By hosting a VIP salon event launching LumiSlim and pre selling treatment packages.

Savvy beauty salon owners are becoming increasingly quick off the mark in taking advantage of the additional revenue stream offered with LumiSlim.  Pre–paid packages and maintenance programs generate immediate cash flow and are guaranteed to deliver Super Effective, Super Powerful and Super Profitable results.

For your clients LumiSlim represents the opportunity to redefine their body, their confidence and their lifestyle. Problem areas immune to exercise such as; abdomen, thighs, love handles and upper arms can be selectively broken down and eliminated and the results are visible immediately after the first treatment. Researched and used for over thirty years, cold laser technology ensures a gentle alternative to drastic surgical procedures making LumiSlim completely safe and pain free.

LumiSlim will transform your bottom line, increase your client base and set yourself apart from your competitors. The more customers you have the better your chances of making money. By adding LumiSlim this new service will appear to more potential customers.

If you are serious about growing your business, you cannot afford to look past LumiSlim. In a consumer demand driven industry you need to ensure that your salon is offering the very best and latest in product offering, as this is a vital part of your market survival. The success of your beauty business is measured by the satisfaction of your customers and their dedication to your salon. With all the technological advancements, competition in the beauty industry has never been more cutthroat than it is today. In order to stand out, you must skilfully beat competition and nurture customer relationships. If you are serious about growing your business, adding more revenue, increasing your profits which will therefore transform your business you cannot afford to look past LumiSlim.

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