LumiSlim - Fat Laser Reduction Technology

Why Choose LumiSlim

Immediate Cash Flow

Pre-paid packages and maintenance programs generate instant income.

Return On Investment

Recoup the cost of the machine in under 8 weeks by selling ONLY 8 packs of treatments.

Existing businesses are selling on average 8+ packs every month! A treatment only takes 20 minutes, so no high wage costs to factor in.

Existing examples of current Australian businesses offering LumiSlim treatments that are selling a minimum of 8 packs per month

– which is only 2 per week!
(Some businesses are selling a lot more!)

  • 3 months trading, sales $57,600
  • 6 months trading, sales $86,400
  • 12 months trading, sales $172,800


LumiSlim pricing is sensible and realistic. Competitor models retail at over $60,000. Own a LumiSlim at a fraction of the cost. Best value on the market.


LumiSlim out performs its rivals on all levels and does not require costly maintenance contracts. Laser diodes last up to 20,000 hours continuous use. No other make comes close.


LumiSlim is at the fore front of cold laser technology designed for premium operational capacity.

About LumiSlim

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